HDFC Bank Ltd., via its accredited Direct Sales Agent, Adweb Techno-Trade Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai is pleased to offer for your website a HDFC Bank Internet Payment Gateway Merchant Account.

a) Your current service provider who is a master merchant does not offer you MasterCard acceptance towards your customers. MasterCard as a card brand has been the most favoured and aggressive issuer in the Indian market in the last three years and more banks today in India prefer to issue MasterCard than ever before. This non-availability of MasterCard acceptance on your website is a good reason for a prospective customer not to transact and subscribe to your services.

b) Verified by Visa & MasterCard Secure Code Validation: Your current service provider is unable to provide your customers and you this security feature which actually will reduce your exposure to fraud and transaction repudiation, improving your overall e-commerce security and ensuring that your customers feel safe while shopping online at your website/s. Those merchants who offer these security measures are absolved of chargeback liability 100% in the event the customer refutes participation in the online transaction.

c) While your current service provider does offer you a huge bouquet of internet banking options and other cards, we are making a case for you to move your VISA and MasterCard transactions to the HDFC Payment Gateway as you stand to gain every month a huge value by way of fees saving per transaction.

d) Improved Cash Flow: As a direct customer of HDFC Bank you will get a pre-captured transaction into your HDFC Bank current account within 24 hrs of the transaction being successful on your website. Compare this to the 7 days it takes for your current service provider to pay you. If you consider the notional interest lost in transit plus the risk involved in dealing with a non-bank intermediary you stand to gain another Rs 6,000 per month.

e) Direct Merchant Account: Both MasterCard and VISA are advocating a direct merchant account situation where it is now important for them to know who the end merchant is and ensure that their card holders are being served well.

f) Our one-time fee per website is Rs. 15,000 and an AMC of Rs 10,000. This small set-up and AMC cost is far outweighed by the benefits and ROI which is achieved by switching your MasterCard and Visa transactions from your current service provider to HDFC Bank Payment Gateway Services.

We are also involved in offering specialised web hosting and integration services to e-commerce merchants and would be in a position to help you integrate with the HDFC Bank Payment service with the least technical resource requirement.
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